How to Organize Your Erin Condren Life Planner for College

Ah, the start of a new semester. I can smell the freshly sharpened pencils and new notebooks from here. It’s a wonderful time of the year for us #PlannerGirls. We stalk Blackboard from the moment the clock strikes midnight on New Year’s Day for the new Syllabus that will foreshadow the rest of the semester ahead….

Back to School: Textbook Notes

I truly believe that the main reason many students don’t do the assigned readings they are given is because they find it difficult to comprehend everything they are reading. Reading a textbook and reading a novel are two completely different things…. Read More ›

Back To School: Quotes to Keep You Motivated

I’m HUGE on motivating quotes. Last Spring I put a new one at the top of each week in my planner and read it every time I opened my planner (which was a lot), and it always put my in the best frame of mind. Here’s my criteria for a solid quote: Has to be…

Back To School Series!

The smell of overly priced textbooks, Pumpkin Spice Lattes, and students crying over financial aid is in the air… Fall Semester is here! Fall is my favorite season by far. With football, crunchy leaves to step on, and scarves… Or maybe it’s just that I live in the perfect city for all those to be…