Taking Time

I promised myself when I became a flight attendant (4 long and short months ago) that I would always venture out on my layovers if I was in a new city. That I wouldn’t become a “slam clicker” (aka, someone who shuts and locks the hotel room door only to emerge again when it’s time to head back to the airport), but alas here I am sitting in Charlotte, NC on a 20 hour layover (If anyone knows of anything fun to do in Charlotte, for the love of God please let me know, because all I’ve been told is there’s a good Buffalo Wild Wings nearby). Of which I only have about 3.5 hours left of, and I couldn’t bring myself to venture out. Part of it had to do with the surrounding area not being the most exciting, but I could have definitely Uber’d somewhere and I just didn’t. So this layover I’m taking time to just veg out, read a book, and drink tea and that’s OKAY.

Sometimes people who take this job want to go go go and experience everything at once I’ve noticed, and I kind of just have to sit back and ask “why?”. We fly for free, so if you wanted to revisit a city you could in a matter of hours, and it seems like it would be a sensory overload. For the love of God, I mean this day last week I was in PARIS, FRANCE. Then when I got back I immediately had a layover in LA so my Aunt and I went out and ran all over the city, and now I’m finally taking time for myself. I couldn’t imagine going 100mph like that all the time and then kicking myself for not going out to adventure.

By keeping my butt in the hotel I probably saved myself about $80+ from going out to eat or stopping in a boutique and purchasing a new sweater. I think these days are important for others and myself in this career or other demanding careers like this. We don’t always have to be the ones rallying up the crew or coworkers to go out, get drinks, and make memories.

Sometimes we just need to center ourselves back to to Earth and take a day for ourselves.

My only regret on this wonderful “me time” day is that I didn’t pack enough food in my crew cooler, so now here I am staring at downtown Charlotte and the Carolina Panthers stadium eating carrots and cookies from the hotel lobby. I’ve definitely had worse layovers, but this one was a pretty good one for me… So I’m not complaining.

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