Post Grad Chronicles: Day 500

I sit here writing this from my back patio in Boston, MA on what would technically be my Saturday morning, and I want to use this time to reflect on how much has changed in the last 500 days. It has changed in ways that I never would have imagined.

Let me start off by saying that I always pictured myself on a completely different life path than the one I am. However, I don’t have the final say in what lies ahead… only He does. He had me in the first half , I’m not going to lie. 500 days ago I was applying for any and every job that would take me away from my hometown/ collegetown. I was at a job that I was only staying at because I loved the people I worked with, and I was hands down without a doubt convinced I was going to get offered a job in Los Angeles or Seattle and get my opportunity to leave.

Fast forward six months and I was still at the same job, gained 20 pounds, and was still partying every weekend like I was still in college. I sat in front of my laptop at a coffee shop eating avocado toast (so millennial right?) looking at all the jobs I’d applied for (132 at that point) and the little voice in my head said “Hey, see if any airlines are hiring for flight attendants. Dad always said you’d love the job.” So off I went down the rabbit hole of applying for EVERY airline that was hiring.

Fast forward another three months… I’d lost 25 pounds, was still applying to jobs, and finally got the approval from my job to start doing what I loved. Then as I was looking back through my internet tabs when I saw a teeny tiny (1) next to my gmail account and what do you know I had an email from my airline asking me to come down to Dallas for an interview. I was SHOCKED and excited and 34539 other emotions that I can’t even begin to explain. It was quite literally my ticket out of there.

I sit here nine months later, and I’m still amazed that this is my life. I never know where I’m going until the day before and if you’re someone who is as Type A as I am you know how incredibly difficult that is. I rarely have control over what’s to come and honestly… I love it. I never would have thought this was going to be the job I could see myself retiring from, but I am so incredibly happy and thankful, and full of love for this job and all the crazy little rules it contains.

Is this job for everyone? Absolutely not. I’ve already had friends from training who realized that this lifestyle was unsustainable for them and have left. As sad as I am to see them go, they’re doing what’s best for them and I’m happy for them. I hope to see them and continue to be their friend for as long as it lasts. Is this the job I see myself at for the next 40 years? Absolutely. I couldn’t picture myself doing anything else (for the time being) and I am so happy to have found something that I can confidently say that I’m good at. I love walking out my door and not entirely knowing what lies ahead and never being in the same city for more than 24 hours. We may get delayed, the plane may never arrive on time, and passengers are always going through something in their personal lives that I try my hardest to make them forget when they’re on my plane.

500 days ago you could have said “Hey Marissa, in September 2019 you’ll be living two blocks from the beach in Boston, MA with an incredible group of friends that support you and roommates that make you miss being home every day.” and I would have fell on the floor and had an asthma attack from laughing so hard. How crazy is that? 500 days ago I was living next door to my best friends, going to happy hour every Wednesday, barely surviving, and I still made it to this point. There are no words to express how satisfied I am with where my life went and I can’t wait to see what all is in store for me in the next 500 days.

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