Post Grad Chronicles: Day 288

24,883,200 seconds or 414,720 minutes or 6912 hours or 288 days or 41 weeks since Graduation, and I can finally report that I HAVE A NEW CAREER. NOT JOB. A CAREER PEOPLE. As much as I’d love to share the juicy details… I’ve decided to wait until after they’ve told me what city I need to transfer to just so that I don’t jinx anything. This is like a WHOLE JOB PEOPLE. With a 401k, HEALTH benefits… INCLUDING DENTAL. <– How to tell someone is getting close to getting kicked off their parent’s insurance and also a Millennial.

192 applications later, and we finally secured the bag. My biggest help was creating an excel sheet that had all the jobs I applied for entered. I created the following columns: date applied, company/ organization, position title, job location, where I applied for the job, and (not pictured) salary posted for the job. See below:

If the job had a yellow highlight it meant I got an interview or moved on in the application process, red meant I made it to the next steps, but was let go from consideration, and grey meant that I got an ACTUAL email telling me they were going another route. Of the 192 jobs listed there were only 36 (read that number again) that actually told me that I was no longer being considered. OK, so roughly 19% of companies are actually out here communicating with applicants.

It is official – I’ve been ghosted by 156 companies and organizations. I think I’ve been ghosted by fewer men on Tinder, Bumble and Hinge COMBINED than the companies that I spent hours and sometimes days applying for. The Millennial’s tip to getting a job in this economy… DON’T GIVE UP. AND APPLY FOR THINGS YOU’RE PASSIONATE ABOUT!

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  1. han says:

    amazing. 😂


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