6 Things to do on Sunday’s For a More Productive Week

In the wise words of Craig Morgan, here’s what I love about Sunday, everything. I love waking up at 9a with more than 7 hours of sleep behind me, I love the burst of energy for a new week to start, and I love the anticipation that comes with it being the start of a new week. Usually, on Sundays I’ll wake up on my own time, go to the gym watch a bit of whatever NFL game is playing while I do cardio then come home and no matter what the rest of my day holds I at least accomplished that much.

I really enjoy looking out at what is to come for the next week, and I’ve finally narrowed it down to the six things that I do each Sunday to help me get in the right mindset for the upcoming week.

  1. Go to the gym, go for a hike, or even just go for a walk. Seriously first thing in the morning; just get up and go. You probably slept in leggings and a giant t-shirt just throw on a sports bra AND GO.
    If you’re a guy reading this… I know you have those grey sweats on and a t-shirt from your glory fraternity days, so you don’t have an excuse either.
  2. Make your breakfast or get an absurdly priced smoothie from that one Instagram worthy shop in town. Take the obligatory Insta Story photo and continue on about your day.
  3. Shower. Even if you didn’t go to the gym, it really helps drive the motivation for the rest of the day.
  4. Take a look around your room? It’s a hot mess, isn’t it? Start by putting away some of the smaller things; like the shoes next to the door or hanging up the hats you’ve been wearing to the gym all week.
  5. Take a break and watch a movie, if you’re old like me it’s about time for your midday nap.
  6. If you still have energy… (kudos) … look forward at your week. Is there anything you have to get done or need to squeeze in before happy hour with your friends? I know you have that Amazon return package by the front door… I’m staring at mine too while I write this.

And usually by this time it’s probably about 5p or 6p, and I’m usually winding down by laying in bed like a potato watching Parks and Rec reruns, but at least I accomplished something! And there are my six most important things to do each Sunday for a brighter week! Let’s go out and make this week ours!

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