Five Tips to Connecting With Your Audience on Social Media

Have you ever went onto an organizations social media platforms and it’s purely just images that you know the Branding Team put together months or even years ago and half of them are blurry? Me too. I press backspace and click on the next company that does the same thing until I find one that I feel connected to.

The account managers who only post logos and blurry quotes are missing out on a KEY connection… People want to FEEL connected with the brands they love and adore. For instance, if you were to look at Alex and Ani’s Instagram you feel that their products are for everyone, and that they offer a product for everyone. If you were to look at REI’s Instagram you know that they take their products seriously. They post pictures of their customers IN THEIR GEAR, and if you’re in their gear you know they’re on the mountain with you.

People are forgetting what social media does. It makes people FEEL. The picture from the time you and your four best friends got lost in a new city but found a cool bar… it makes you smile and miss those times. Or if you decided to raise money for Susan G. Komen and do the walk by yourself… it makes you feel proud and accomplished. These are the exact same feelings you want to elicit on your organization’s social media pages.

Here are my five tips to connecting with your audience:

1. Post images of YOUR organization

Sure, if you get a new logo design share it, but make sure that’s the ONLY reason you’re sharing it. Incorporate pictures of clients meeting with your reps, or the holiday party (before the keg is opened — you know who you are), or people in your organization volunteering out in the community.

Bonus Tip: If you’re a small business you could even share employee birthdays or wedding announcements. This makes customers feel like they’re a part of the “family”.

2. Stay up to date on pop culture

“You’ll catch more flies with honey than with vinegar.” People love a good pun, so why not give it to them. If you see a meme going around — and it’s appropriate for your organization — use it. It’ll show your audience you’re not just some corporate bot and they’ll be more likely to interact with the post, thus driving traffic to your page.

Bonus Tip: If you’re not Twitter savvy just read through Buzzfeed. My boss gets all my pop culture references, and she doesn’t even have social media.

3. Be in the community

I’m not saying make sure your business is in the heart of the town you’re in; I mean make sure your name, your brand, and your reputation is in the community. Whether it’s supporting the local food drive, helping rake leaves for the community, any and all of it. Make it known in your town that you are an organization that cares and will continue to care.

Bonus Tip: You can adopt a local sports team or have a weekly outing at a local brewery with your organization/ employees. Anything that is supporting something local.

4. Be the organization that responds

Too often do I see companies and organizations blatantly ignore their potential customers or even loyal customers in comments under photos or tweets. It’s 2018 and we’re respecting people now, okay? Okay. It takes all of 30 seconds to reply to someone about the product you want them to buy.

Bonus Tip: If need be, prepare a few different answers that you can copy and paste, sometimes people don’t want to scroll to see what other people have asked — I know, I know.

5. Don’t just think about your audience, look at the people in house too

We LOVE a company that loves its staff. Be THAT company. Ever heard of a brand called FabFitFun? Well did you know that they have an Instagram called @WeAreFabFitFun and they showcase all the cool things their employees get to do like in house product tests, weekly catered lunches, pups in the office (who doesn’t love that). I don’t even think I follow their main Instagram, but I follow this one. Who better to know your product or mission than the people working 40+ hours a week to share and promote it. They’re the ones talking about how much they love their job at the end of the day over happy hour with their friends and around other people.

Bonus Tip: Pay your employees well (even the Millennials), and they’ll probably stay longer and do better work.

If you love your organization showcase it everywhere you can and everyone will love it too! Stay true to brand and stand your ground with what’s right and wrong and you’ll do just fine out their in the world wide web!

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