I’m Logged In… Now What?

Now that you’ve finally been given the passwords to your organization’s social media platforms it’s time to start combing through the basics and clean up the accounts so that you can start off on the right foot. If you’re the only person who needs to access the platforms I would recommend changing the passwords so that any previous account managers are automatically logged off if they haven’t done so already. Make sure to keep these passwords on a Google Doc so you can share them with anyone else during your time as social media director who may need them.

Here are five things to do once you’ve logged in:

1. Bio Check

Go through the bio section of each account and make sure that any old dates and event promos are cleared out. Double check that any links are still usable or if you need to enter in the new one. Also check that the header pictures are up to date and are free of any former events.

2. Change the Account Images

If you have a new event image or if new logos were released for the new year make sure to add these to the profile pictures, cover images, pinned tweet section, etc. This helps the page look fresher AND calls attention to your page so that your followers know to look for new and upcoming things from your organization.

3. Follow Sponsors and Supporters

If you’re coming into the position don’t be afraid to take a new stance on who the account follows and doesn’t follow. If your organization is a Pepsi or a Coke company FOLLOW THEM. Don’t be shy to follow your personal account too if you know you’ll be tweeting things about events and the brand. Retweeting and liking pictures from customers and supporters encourages others to tweet at your organization or tag you in images because it’s always nice to be noticed by the organization that they support.

4. Post a Call to Action

For instance when I was the Social Media Director for Relay for Life it was easy to tweet something like “RT if you’re excited for Relay!” With the link to the donor web page where people could register for the event. That way other officers and volunteers could retweet or share it and their followers will be able to see that an event is coming up. Post something that will allow your followers to interact with it whether it’s a tweet asking to Retweet or asking people to Comment their favorite part of your organization under an Instagram image.

5. Check the DMs and Private Messages

Go through the inbox on each account and make sure there aren’t any clients, customers, or supporters still waiting to hear back from your organization. This is a great time to establish with anyone in your DMs that there is a new account manager and if they have any questions you’ll be their main point of contact or will help them reach out to the correct person.

Those are my five quick tips for once you get logged in! I hope this helps with dipping your toe in the water, and be on the lookout for more quick tips to come!



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