I’m a Social Media Director… Now what? Top 5 Tips to Crushing It.

I’ve come across a lot of people in their early twenties who say “I just don’t get social media” or “I’m not creative enough for this job” and it’s just getting ridiculous. Choosing to not understand social media in this day and age is like not knowing how to use Microsoft Office 10 years ago. It’s such an integral part of our society and how many businesses and consumers manage to find each other.

pexels-photo-433617Currently, I’m the Social Media Director for Colleges Against Cancer at my University, and I love it. I find joy in planning out our social media posts a week to a month in advance, and curating all of the content that is released. However, I know some people are thrown into this position because no one else wants it or doesn’t know how. So here’s where this blog series may come in handy for someone who is now in charge of running a smaller scale organization’s social media platform. I’m going to dedicate this whole section of my blog to things I learned along the way that I wish someone would have given me a hint about when I started.

Nevertheless, if you only have 10 minutes and this is the article that is going to make or break your sanity… Here are my Top 5 Tips for Running Social Media.

1. Understand the audience you’re trying to reach

If you’re managing a college organizations social media you’re probably not going to be asking for people to pay a lot or any money to be a part of something. And you’re probably going to use an assortment of school colors and witty taglines that have something to do with your school. As well as if you’re managing a small businesses platform you probably will tailor your captions and images toward the clientele that walk through the front door every day.

Pro Tip: Find the audience and get on their level.

2. ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS double check what account you’re on before you do anything

I can not stress this enough… Always be aware of what you’re posting and on which account. For example, I’m in charge of the Relay for Life Twitter account at my school and we follow students so we can interact with what they’re saying, etc. Sometimes I’ll close out of the app before switching back to my personal account so when I log in I’m seeing tweets from people I would see if I was on my account. I can’t count how many times I’ve almost retweeted things that have ZERO business being on the Relay for Life page. It’s so important to keep a certain image on your account depending on what business you’re in.

Pro Tip: Switch back to your personal account before closing out of the app entirely.

3. Create a social media schedule and USE IT

SOCIAL MEDIA IS INTENTIONAL. Rarely do you see people just winging it with what they’re posting anymore. If you want to achieve any sort of relevance you have to know what to say and when to say it. When I started out I did posts on certain days that had corresponding hashtags until we had actual events to share and talk about.

Pro Tip: Purchase a small planner that only has the months in it and use it solely for social media planning.

 4. Canva is your new best friend

If you’ve read any of my other posts, you know how important Canva is to me. I use it for everything from flyers to helping people redesign their resumes and cover letters. 12 out of 10 times it’s one of the tabs open on Chrome for me. Here are some small tips for Canva:

  • If you’re not creatively inclined look at the layouts that say FREE to get a jump start on your design
  • Don’t forget to add the date and place of your event 😉
Pro Tip: If you use the same colors for your organization all the time make them your “team colors” in the settings so you don’t have to color match each time! 

5. Put your own twist on it!

You’re running these accounts because someone higher up thought you would be a good fit for it. They like the way you run your own accounts and they like the uniqueness you bring to the table. Take it and run with it!

Pro Tip: Have fun with the captions and really make sure to show that you’re putting your mark on things.

BONUS TIP: Know how to check the insights and traffic on each of the platforms you are managing! It gives you loads of information on the people who are looking at the content you’re sharing. 

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